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Unicorn Slime & Crystals Science Kit

$49.99 Regular price $67.99
  • IF YOU KNOW A KID WHO loves science activities and unicorns then this unicorn science kit is guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit. They will adore the great mix of fascinating, amazing and eye-opening experiments that help them LEARN ABOUT ATOMS, POLYMERS, MOLECULES and more - a fantastic and fun learning experience for them, and you!
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON REGULAR SLIME KITS, unicorn toys or boring kids science experiment kits that are short-lived and finished with after a few days. This is more than just a unicorn slime kit for girls & boys and will HOLD THEIR ATTENTION FOR HOURS with a TON OF VARIED ACTIVITIES they’ll want to bring out again and again. Plus, with over 20 tools and ingredients included, it represents super value.
  • THE INCLUDED 72-PAGE ACTIVITIES & LAB GUIDE provides a super-simple, step-by-step guide to 50 STEM experiments that REALLY work, plus they’ll love the “What Happened?” section at the bottom of each page which explains not only what happened, but why too! Giving everyone a deep understanding of important science concepts in a fascinating, fun and interesting way.
  • WHILE SOME SCIENCE KITS FOR KIDS ARE SIMPLISTIC and include experiments that are all variations of the same thing, we’ve made sure there’s a HUGE VARIETY OF DIFFERING ACTIVITIES, giving your kids maximum learning opportunities and giving you the best value for money. Cloud Slime, Fluffy Slime, Unicorn Poop Slime, Unicorn Snot, Crystal Eggs and Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamps are just some of fantastical creations your child will love making straight out the box.
  • TRUST OUR PLAYZ GUARANTEE: all our products are backed by a six-month extended warranty (upon registration) and meet and exceed all CPSC safety standards, meaning you can have complete confidence in your purchase today.